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Fishbones Drilling

Fishbones Drilling
Fishbones AS

Fishbones Drilling

How does Fishbones Drilling work?

Fishbones drilling operations are simple and fast – completed in just a few hours.


Run the reservoir liner string as normal. As many Fishbones Drilling subs as necessary for your well will be spaced out at even intervals and will deploy at depth. 


Small diameter laterals equipped with turbines powered by fluid circulation, and drill bits are released, which will drill out simultaneously to penetrate the reservoir. 


At full extension, achievable penetration is typically 10.8m/35ft, creating tangible stimulation effects and immediate results.  The number of laterals deployed is completely tailored to the needs of your well, with 3 laterals drilled from each Fishbones Drilling sub.

Technical data

Hole size (in)

Liner size (in)

Min OD (in)

Max OD (in)

6 – 7.3


Nom. ID


8.5 - 9.9


Nom. ID



Fishbones Drilling was developed through a Joint Industry Project (JIP) with Equinor, Lundin, Eni and Innovation Norway, and is supported by the Research Council of Norway.

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