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Unlock Your Potential:
BDM Opportunity in India!

If you're ready to be a key player in driving Fishbones to new heights and making waves in the well completions and stimulation technology space, this opportunity is for you!


As the Business Development Manager, you'll be the linchpin for Fishbones' growth in India and potentially beyond. Your role will be pivotal in shaping the future of our company. Details are the following:


Title:  Business Development Manager

Territory / Location: India / Mumbai

Requirements: B.Sc/M.Sc degree, minimum 5 years of industry experience.

Place of work:  Mumbai, India

Reporting to:  Thomas Jørgensen, SVP Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering


Responsible for sales and planning of Fishbones stimulation technology systems in India in close cooperation with Fishbones’ India agent. 


The main responsibilities are:

  • Build and maintain an overall understanding of the stimulation market in the given territory

  • Promote Fishbones Stimulation Technology in the given territory in cooperation with Fishbones’ local agent

  • With support from Manager and local India agent, deliver sales strategy, sales planning and execution

  • Seek, schedule and attend clients meeting, including delivery of technical sales presentations

  • Make all effort to maintain high levels of ‘face to face’ time with key client contacts    

  • Secure sales of Fishbones stimulation technologies

  • Manage and support clients on a regular basis

  • Use of Fishbones Business Online system according to company practices

  • Support participation in industry conferences and exhibitions as required

  • Gather technical information, perform simulation studies to confirm basic system design

  • Develop technical and commercial proposals

  • Support preparation of ITT / RFQ submissions

  • Gather and deliver technical specifications of Fishbones system to Supply Chain & Manufacturing

  • Support ongoing operations as required, including cost control

  • Report the following to your manager

    • Personnel performance

    • Revenue and financial performance

    • HSE issues

    • Activity

    • Customer contact

  • Support agent in budgeting and in communication with Fishbones personnel

  • Support Fishbones in securing full IP protection


Extensive domestic and international travel must be expected.

The role might be extended to cover areas outside the territory with time. 

You will have a key role in the further development of the Company.

It is very important to keep an open and continuous communication in Fishbones and with Fishbones agent company in India. You will be responsible for maintaining good communication with the Headquarter organization on a continuous basis. We require you to show initiative and the ability to covert challenges into solutions. Internal training will be offered. External training will be at your own initiative and in cooperation.

The role will be important to take Fishbones to the next level of commercialization and continue growing as an innovative technology leader in well completions and stimulation technology.

For more details, here.

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