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Geothermal Stimulation

Our technology enables deep geothermal connectivity across all rock types. With a unique acid and fracking-free approach, we give operators the confidence to access complex reservoirs, delivering successful Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) activity even on the deepest, tightest wells.

Delivering a higher flow rate and directly improving field economics, our technology has been proven to increase production by 1000%. As our approach is always tailored, this means our technology can be applied to any geothermal well.

A lateral approach to geothermal connectivity

Our patented technology deploys subs, which are run on a reservoir liner string, to work in partnership with its backbone open hole anchors and activation shoe. This means that successful needle drilling systems can be installed and maintained while in the reservoir. Our process enables deep geothermal connectivity across all rock types.

A sustainable solution to your geothermal stimulation needs

Our method is safer than alternatives and is more environmentally friendly. With no acid or fracking used in the process, the technology is authorised for used in all geothermal markets.

The result is a solution that maximizes resources, removing the need for additional drilling and any knock-on cost, time and environmental impacts.

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