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Fishbones signs multi-year  
contracts with Middle East operators 



Fishbones, the leading provider of alternative reservoir stimulation technology, has signed contracts for deliveries of Fishbones stimulation technologies with two major national Middle East operators. Contract values are estimated to exceed a total of USD 15 million.

A remarkable chapter in the Fishbones story 

24 January 2024

I find it a bit daunting to use the word “success” as I tend to be cautious with such terms. But for 2023 there is no other word to describe our phenomenal development. 

“The new extended reach-lateral components can further broaden the application range of th
Fishbones and Aker BP launch project to extend reservoir reach by 50%

16 January 2024

PRESS RELEASE: Fishbones has commenced an industry technology development project with major Norwegian operator Aker BP – bolstered by a NOK 1.25 million grant from The Research Council of Norway.

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Case Study: Single Fishbones installation delivers ten-fold production increase

30 November 2023

A Middle East operator significantly reduced costs with one Fishbones installation, reducing well count and delaying planned ESP installation, allowing the well to produce naturally. Confirmed PLT logging data showed a ten-fold production increase compared to expectations.

Fishbones Technology for the geothermal market: an alternative approach for enhanced well performance

11 October 2023

Since announcing our entry into the geothermal market last year, Fishbones has been committed to leveraging its position as stimulation experts to provide a unique approach to geothermal well enhancement.

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Introducing Fishbones’ new company values

24 August 2023

11 years ago, I took the decision to leave Baker Hughes – where I had spent the best part of three decades – to join Fishbones. We were just three employees back then, united behind a common goal to introduce and deliver game-changing stimulation technology to the market.

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Navigating challenges and seizing opportunities: Fishbones' journey in China’s oil and gas market

13 June 2023

As the Business Development Manager for Fishbones in China, I have had the privilege of witnessing the challenges and opportunities that come with establishing our presence in the country's oil and gas market.

Yasmin M. Søderbom Appointed Deputy Chair of Norsk Industri Offshore HSE Council: a testimony to Fishbones' Commitment to HSE

23 March 2023

We are proud to announce that Yasmin M. Søderbom, Fishbones Sr. QHSE Coordinator, has been named the deputy chair of the Norsk Industri Offshore (The Federation of Norwegian Industries) HSE council.

Fishbones can support reservoir stimulation demands Stateside

20 February 2023

From my base in Houston, Texas, I have witnessed several significant changes in the North American oil and gas market over the last few years. From the growth of the Permian Basin, the transition towards renewable energy sources and innovation in the development of new technologies, such as horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, the North American sector is in a constant state of change.

2022 in review: providing effective solutions continues to drive our growth

15 December 2022

2022 provided a great deal in which I can look back and reflect on with a sense of fulfilment. Together as a team, we have celebrated significant company milestones, announced several new contract wins, opened new facilities and even enhanced our cross-sector footprint by entering the geothermal market.

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Fishbones opens new Middle East Office

24 October 2022

Fishbones, the leading provider of alternative reservoir stimulation technology, has today announced the opening of a new office facility in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Located on Al Mariyah Island, the new regional hub will support the company’s ongoing business growth in the Middle East following increased activity in the area. Its location will provide Fishbones’ customers with a specific local customer focus and on-site support.

Blog: The Difference is in the Detail

25 August 2022

Our unrivalled technology has defined a new level of precision and efficiency in reservoir stimulation. By looking at each stage of activity in detail, we have delivered unrivalled technology compared to market alternatives. In our latest commentary, Viljoen Duvenhage, our VP Operations, comments on how for us, the difference is in the detail. 

Delivering an alternative solution for geothermal well enhancement 

22 July 2022

We provide an alternative solution for geothermal well enhancement. Our fracking-free approach removes any potential contamination of water tables. Our method is safer, more environmentally friendly and is authorized to be used in all markets across the globe.

Fishbones brings its stimulation techology to the geothermal market

16 June 2022

Fishbones will leverage its expertise as stimulation experts to provide an alternative approach for geothermal well enhancement

Navigating the energy sector’s ‘balancing act’

25 May 2022

By reviewing not only what can be done, but how it can be done, we can undertake recovery in a more sustainable way.

Supporting operators during field development to increase recoverable reserves

3 May 2022

Hydrocarbon exploration and production requires thorough and detailed planning at all stages of activity. Once a successful exploration appraisal has been completed and before field production occurs, field development planning takes place.

Trust in the supply chain

24 March 2022

As we emerge from the worldwide pandemic into an era of geopolitical uncertainty, businesses who design and manufacture products – like us here at Fishbones – are feeling acutely aware of the challenges faced.

Blog: Fishbones announces ten new wells across The Middle East

31 January 2022

We are pleased to be kicking off 2022 by announcing new contracts committing us to another ten new wells across various projects in the Middle East. With all projects set to kick off in the first half of the year, the announcement will further show Fishbones to be a leading supplier of game-changing stimulation technology in the region. 

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Fishbones' technology significantly
reduces carbon emissions
compared to conventional practices

22 September 2021

​Fishbones, an alternative well stimulation technology leader in the oil and gas industry, has published findings evaluating the relative carbon emissions footprint between its stimulation options and alternative conventional completion techniques:

  • Fishbones Drilling Technology found to reduce emissions by 95%

  • Fishbones Jetting Technology resulted in an 88% reduction 

  • Study was carried out by independent consultancy, THREE60 Energy​

The Importance of Innovation

28 September 2021

Maximilian Leinenbach, Director of Technology O&G / Geothermal at Fishbones, comments on the importance of research and development in driving forward new technologies.

Opportunities for growth will remain in 2022 

21 December 2021

2021 was a year of growth for Fishbones, as we announced multiple contracts, recurring orders, new appointments and technological updates. We’re taking the opportunity in this month’s blog to look back on some of our key successes over the last 12 months. 

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Lundin Energy announces significant productivity increases with Fishbones Technology on the Edvard Grieg field

31 August 2021

Lundin Energy has announced productivity figures from their work on the first of three infill wells in the North Sea’s Edvard Grieg field. 

The A-17 well, which came on stream in June 2021, has recorded a productivity rate 10 times greater than original projections with the contribution of Fishbones’ Drilling Technology. This is the greatest increase in production that Fishbones has facilitated to-date and represents a significant operational success for the technology. 

Proud to think laterally

17 August 2021

An overview of Fishbones’ company culture by VP Global Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering, Thomas Jørgensen.

At Fishbones, we often talk about thinking laterally. While this is of course a reference to our unique lateral stimulation technology, it is also central to our values and culture as a company. Lateral thinking defines Fishbones’ bold, out of the box mentality that is rooted in a drive to go above and beyond for our technology, our customers, and our team. 

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Half Year Review 2021

29 June 2021

As we come towards the end of the first half of 2021, we are delighted to share our latest company update with you. We’re taking the time to look back on some of the key successes, organisational news, and updates from the Fishbones team over the last six months.

Meet the Team - Viljoen Duvenhage

13 July 2021

At Fishbones, our team sit at the heart of everything we do. Having grown from a newcomer in stimulation technology, to establishing ourselves as an industry leader, we've flourished from a small group of experts to a 25 strong collaborative team based all over the world.

We want to use this month's blog to begin introducing you to the remarkable people behind our solutions, starting with our VP of operations, Viljoen Duvenhage.

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The Future of Lateral Thinking

16 June 2021

Welcome to the first in a series of Fishbones’ blogs which we intend to publish over the course of this year and beyond. We’re hoping to offer you a varied selection of content, from in-depth looks at our technology, to broader industry developments and case studies.

This month, we’re taking the time to focus on a recent Fishbones’ webinar that we held at the beginning of March. 

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Fishbones announces the completion of a new production well with Lundin Energy

22 May 2021

Fishbones and Lundin Energy Norway have announced the completion of a new production well on the Edvard Grieg field. 

Parts of the reservoir on Edvard Grieg consist of conglomerates, which is a hard and tight reservoir type. The Fishbones technology, which was used on the well, increases the effective drainage radius around the production wells by drilling several small holes out from the main well. This enables the production of increased oil in what is relatively tight reservoir rocks.

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New representative in Brazil:
Ricardo Aboud

13 April 2021

Brazil’s oil and gas industry is currently experiencing an important transformation. 


Thanks to increased engagement with key industry stakeholders, including regulatory agencies, operators and service industry associations, Brazil is becoming a more dynamic, open and competitive market. 

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​Discussing the future of
stimulation technology 

12 February 2021

At Fishbones, we have dedicated ourselves for over a decade to creating the next generation of well stimulation technology for the global oil and gas industry. 

We understand that it is now more important than ever for operators to strike the perfect balance between boosting production and doing so in a cost-efficient manner. 

ADNOC triples production in tight reservoir using Fishbones Jetting

7 January 2021

We are pleased to start 2021 by being featured on the front page of this January’s Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), covering news of our successful pilot well with ADNOC.

The reservoir suffered from low permeability and poor vertical communication, making it difficult to develop economically.  However, by using our unique Fishbones Jetting system, we overcame these issues. 


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5-8 September 2023

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ONS 2024
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Celle Drilling 2024 - The Way Ahead
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SPE-ATCE 2024 
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ADIPEC 2024 
4-7 November
Abu Dhabi, AUE
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India Energy Week 2025
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We will be exhibiting.

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