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ADNOC triples production in tight reservoir using Fishbones Jetting

7 January 2021

We are pleased to start 2021 by being featured on the front page of this January’s Journal of Petroleum Technology (JPT), covering news of our successful pilot well with ADNOC.

The reservoir suffered from low permeability and poor vertical communication, making it difficult to develop economically.  However, by using our unique Fishbones Jetting system, we overcame these issues. 

The ADNOC onshore team decided to use Fishbones, rather than traditional hydraulic fracturing, due to the increased control provided with a Fishbones stimulation system.  With a narrow target formation that was just 90ft thick, ADNOC were able to significantly reduce the risk of propagating fractures into water zones through the use of the fixed-length needles.  

With more than 150 needles extending up to 40ft into the reservoir, we effectively connected 7 thin pay zones to the wellbore, increasing reservoir contact by 3200ft and tripling production from 400-500 bopd to 1600 bopd. This was achieved for almost the same cost as nearby appraisal wells using conventional acid stimulation.


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