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Oil & Gas Stimulation

A number of variables impact a well's Productivity Index. Well stimulation techniques offer operators the opportunity to increase well productivity, while overcoming challenging reservoir parameters. This process increases output per-well and strengthens the overall project economics.

Well stimulation techniques can achieve these results through the traditional methods of hydraulic fracturing or acidization.

Fishbones offers an alternative solution. One that is safer, greener and cost-effective.

Through a unique, expertly controlled pumping operation, our stimulation techniques can connect faults and fractures, bypass any damaged rock and target reservoir sweet spots.

Are you ready to think laterally?

Our stimulation systems are open hole liner completions, which are run on a normal reservoir liner string, to connect the well and the reservoir in a single, simple and efficient operation. 


Our unique small diameter laterals jet or drill out from the wellbore, penetrating the reservoir exactly where needed, to enhance hydrocarbon recovery.

The core technology behind our stimulation techniques is the same.


However, wells are drilled in a variety of geological formations so our approach is adapted to suit the specific needs of your well location.  Based on your well we have two methods available - jetting and drilling.


Designed for use in carbonates, coal bed methane and oil sands.

Fishbones jetting solutions are proven to increase productivity index multi-fold.


Fishbones Drilling

In consolidated formations like sandstones and basement formations, Fishbones Drilling solutions have delivered positive productivity responses, even when compared to hydraulic fracturing.

The green solution to your stimulation needs

We are passionate about supporting the energy industry’s commitment to lowering carbon emissions.


By reducing fluid use and power consumption during production, Fishbones technology offers a greener alternative to traditional stimulation techniques. 

How can our stimulation techniques help your reservoir?

Accelerated production

From day 1, with less than half a day of rig time per operation

Increased accuracy

Accurately stimulate the sweet-spots and bypass barriers with full control over lateral placement and extension

Reduced infrastructure

Connect to more of your reservoir with fewer wells by increasing the wellbore size with laterals extending upwards of 10m from the main wellbore

Increase accessible reserves

Connect to layers otherwise not produced from

A tailored approach

Our field-proven solutions are completely tailored to your formation

Increased  flow

Penetrate layers and faults to improve reservoir conductivity

Fishbones Stimulation Technologies are field proven in sandstone, carbonate and coal bed methane formations. Fishbones improves reservoir stimulation, delivering the accuracy of cemented and perforated, the operational efficiency of open hole slotted liners and the productivity of fracturing.

Feasible in new and existing horizontal, deviated and vertical open hole wells, Fishbones can be combined with other completion technologies, including screens, (A)ICDs, swellable packers, sleeves and tracers. 


Our solution is tailored to your formation.  

To tell us more about your well and see how Fishbones stimulation techniques could improve your well, please contact us for a Well Information Sheet.

Complimentary technologies
Backbone openhole anchor

The Backbone open-hole anchor is our next-generation anchor and can be used in any well, with no limitations to formation type, whether that’s carbonate, shale or sandstone. 


It’s unique and simple design allows for unprecedented load capacities in overgauge holes and can either be used in combination with the Fishbones Jetting and Fishbones Drilling systems or independently.

Fishbones activation shoes

When circulation is required while running in-hole, the Fishbones Jetting shoe will close upon contact with acid, allowing pressure-activated equipment to operate. 


Whether it’s in an open or closed configuration, the Fishbones Drilling activation shoe is activated prior to the laterals drilling


Fishbasket is a junk basket specifically designed to clear the liner ID after permanent Fishbones Jetting installation.

It cuts and collects needles, enabling wellbore access.

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