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Fishbones announces the completion of a new production well with
Lundin Energy Norway

04 June 2021

Fishbones and Lundin Energy Norway have announced the completion of a new production well on the Edvard Grieg field. 

Parts of the reservoir on Edvard Grieg consist of conglomerates, which is a hard and tight reservoir type. The Fishbones technology, which was used on the well, increases the effective drainage radius around the production wells by drilling several small holes out from the main well. This enables the production of increased oil in what is relatively tight reservoir rocks.

The A-17 well was completed with Fishbones stimulation technology, with work now started on a second well, where this technology will also be used. 

The ‘pinholes’ drilled out from the A-17 well on Edvard Grieg are around 9 metres long and were drilled out in groups of three from Fishbones Drilling subs. A total of 53 Fishbones Drilling subs were installed, the most ever used in a single well.

CEO of Fishbones AS, Eirik Renli, said: "We're proud to be able to contribute to improved recovery from the Edvard Grieg field.

"Lundin has supported our development work since the beginning in 2012. The technology now being used on Edvard Grieg is an excellent example of cooperation between operating companies and the Research Council of Norway bearing fruit, illustrated in the form of improved oil production from the Norwegian shelf.”


Read the update from Lundin, here.

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