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Lundin Energy announces significant productivity increases with Fishbones Technology on the Edvard Grieg field

31 August 2021

Lundin Energy has announced productivity figures from their work on the first of three infill wells in the North Sea’s Edvard Grieg field. 

The A-17 well, which came on stream in June 2021, has recorded a productivity rate 10 times greater than original projections with the contribution of Fishbones’ Drilling Technology. This is the greatest increase in production that Fishbones has facilitated to-date and represents a significant operational success for the technology

The Fishbones Drilling Technology, developed in partnership with Lundin Energy, utilised 159, 9-metre-long laterals simultaneously drilled out from the existing production wellbore to increase reservoir penetration and effective drainage area. On the A-17 well, this enabled the team to overcome the challenging geologies of the field, which consists of hard and tight reservoir rock. 

Eirik Renli, Fishbones CEO, heralded the announcement as confirmation of the success of the Lundin-Fishbones partnership and continuing affirmation of the capability of the Fishbones Technology.  He said:


“We are delighted to announce this significant increase in productivity on Lundin’s A-17 well.

“It is fantastic to see that our many years of work together has resulted in demonstratable results that significantly exceeded all projections."

Read the update from Lundin here

Image courtesy of Lundin Energy 

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