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Fishbones brings its stimulation techology to the geothermal market

16 June 2022

  • Fishbones will leverage its expertise as stimulation experts to provide an alternative approach for geothermal well enhancement

  • Unique acid and fracking-free approach is authorised for use in all markets

  • Fishbones technology has been proven to increase production by 1000%, and reduce emissions by up to 95%

Fishbones, the leading provider of alternative reservoir stimulation technology, has announced its entrance to the geothermal market. The move will see the company provide an alternative solution for geothermal well enhancement.


Fishbones’ patented technology deploys subs, which are run on a reservoir liner string, to work in partnership with its backbone open hole anchors and activation shoe. These components mean that successful needle drilling systems can be installed and maintained while in the reservoir. This enables deep geothermal connectivity across all rock types.


Fishbones’ unique approach will provide operators with the confidence required to access complex reservoirs, delivering successful Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) activity even on the deepest, tightest wells. The use of Fishbones’ subs will also deliver a higher flow rate to be circulated through EGS systems, greatly improving field economics.


Fishbones’ unique fracking-free approach will deliver a method that is safer than market alternatives and one that is more environmentally friendly. Fishbones technology has been proven to reduce emissions by up to 95%. As there is no acid or fracking used in the process, the technology is authorized to be used in all geothermal markets. The result is a solution that maximizes resources, removing the need for additional drilling and the knock-on cost, time and environmental impacts of fracking or acid-based alternatives.


Eirik Renli, CEO Fishbones, said: “Today’s announcement sees us leverage our expertise as stimulation experts, with our technology now providing a lateral approach to geothermal connectivity. We see the geothermal energy market as a sector with significant growth potential and this move follows significant operational and strategic planning, due diligence and stakeholder engagement.


“We will provide the market with a solution that maximises resources, removes the need for additional drilling and delivers deep geothermal connectivity across all rock types, at all stages of a well’s lifecycle. We look forward to supporting the requirements of the sector to deliver accelerated production, increased flow, improved accuracy and reduced emissions.”


Fishbones technology is field proven in sandstone, conglomerate, basement, carbonate and coal bed methane formations. As the company’s approach is always tailored, the technology can be applied to any geothermal well. With a simple deployment process that sees all laterals drilled simultaneously, the technology will ensure a lower footprint compared to larger fracking spread alternatives.


Fishbones is currently in the process of increasing its manpower within geothermal expertise. Interested candidates may contact the company.

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