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Case Study:
Single Fishbones installation delivers ten-fold production increase

30 November 2023

Product: Customed Fishbones Jetting with 20 subs (80 needles)


Location: Middle East

Outline: A Middle East operator significantly reduced costs with one Fishbones installation, reducing well count and delaying planned ESP installation, allowing the well to produce naturally. Confirmed PLT logging data showed a ten-fold production increase compared to expectations.

The challenge:

In 2021, a Middle East operator considered how to increase production in a new well targeting tight, heterogeneous reservoir. The reservoir is typical for the region, multilayered, naturally fractured limestone with low permeability and tight, dense layers between zones. The well was horizontal and sub-horizontal with a total length of 4085 ft/1245 m.

The operator’s options:

  • perform a costly acid fracturing operation.

  • or install Fishbones Jetting Subs across two low permeability formations, targeting three producing intervals.


The solution:

A Fishbones Jetting system was installed to connect and stimulate the lower two of the three formations. A Fishbones liner with 20 Fishbones Jetting subs was strategically placed along the lower, sub horizontal open hole section, while 10 production subs without needles were placed across the upper, horizontal section. Using the Fishbones jetting subs, 80 Fishbones laterals were created simultaneously in the lower section in a single, efficient pumping operation. The jetting needles extended 12m/40ft laterally to connect layers, evenly distribute the acid, and improve productivity.

The result:

Data from subsequent Production Logging Tool (PLT) operation confirmed that rates from the lower two formations were 10 times higher than expected, with a rate of 2600 barrels per day from the stimulated zones. The total well production met the customers three-well production target. The well has been producing at high and sustained stable rates for more than two years without artificial lift. Based on this excellent result, Fishbones has been selected as the field development solution. An ESP is now planned for installation with expectations of increasing the production rates even further.


  • Customer achieved three-well production target with one Fishbones well

  • Fishbones Jetting shows 10 times expected rates

  • Production of 2600 bpd compared to 250 bpd expected from lower two zones.

  • Recognition of Fishbones as the selected field development solution based on excellent results

  • Implications for future well stimulation and development projects

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