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Proud to think laterally

17 August 2021

An overview of Fishbones’ company culture by VP Global Sales, Marketing & Application Engineering, Thomas Jørgensen.

At Fishbones, we often talk about thinking laterally. While this is of course a reference to our unique lateral stimulation technology, it is also central to our values and culture as a company. Lateral thinking defines Fishbones’ bold, out of the box mentality that is rooted in a drive to go above and beyond for our technology, our customers, and our team. 

It is this company culture that in my opinion makes Fishbones stand out from the crowd and one that continues to inspire me personally. From a small group of experts driven to develop a unique new technology that was initially met with a mix of enthusiasm and some scepticism in the industry, we have grown into a collaborative and global team, with clear goals and an expanding position within the energy industry. This has enabled us to take our technology from development in our first basic facility, to the first installation in 2013, ISO certification, repeat contracts with major operators, global footprint, and our current exploration of new applications including in the geothermal market from our substantial HQ in Sandnes, Norway.

Our company culture is built around five core values: going above and beyond, being determined, being bold, taking an ethical approach in all parts of the business and embracing cooperation.

Our team pride themselves on promoting these values throughout their work, whether that’s developing and implementing bespoke well stimulation technology for customers or developing themselves and the team personally with further education. It was fantastic to announce recently that my colleagues Lill-Susann Rugtvedt, Director of Supply Chain Management, and Maximilian Leinenbach, Director of Technology, had completed their Executive Masters and Masters programmes in their respective fields with fantastic results after years of hard work.


Their ambition and constant drive to be the best in both the field of stimulation technology and their individual specialities, is reflective of the attitudes that are shared and valued by the entire team. I believe this stems from the early focus, shaped by our CEO Eirik Renli, on building a team of experts who have strong industry experience and a bigger picture mentality of the future of stimulation technology.


When new colleagues join the team, we ensure they get hands-on experience with the technology and visit installation sites to see in person what we all work towards. As such, no matter which department we work in, we all have the same goal: that Fishbones becomes the company and technology that people first think of when they consider stimulation.


This means that from wherever we’re based around the globe, and for me that’s Lillehammer in Norway, we can trust those we work alongside to be leaders in their respective fields while collaborating with the wider team to share information and learnings that benefit the Fishbones team development, project outcomes, and results for clients.


A key part of this centres on sharing information on the potential of stimulation technology to reduce costs, increase production and reduce CO2 emissions with the wider industry through SPE papers, presentations and events. We’ll be presenting our next SPE paper, based on case studies from an installation with Total Denmark ENP in 2019, at Offshore Europe later this year. The paper has been a real team effort, and a fantastic opportunity for us to demonstrate the results of our unique lateral thinking.


I look forward to seeing where this lateral thinking takes us in the future as we continue growing the company, launching new technologies, working in close collaboration with our customers and explore new applications of Fishbones Technology, including in the geothermal energy industry. We will continue to demonstrate its capabilities to reduce CO2 emissions within an industry that is increasingly accepting the need to prioritise the minimisation of environmental impacts.


Learn more about Fishbones Technology here:

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