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New record set with largest installation to-date for major International Oil Company (IOC) 

22 November 2019

Fishbones has set a new record for its largest-ever installation, which took place in the Danish North Sea for a major IOC.


The well consisted of a thin, layered chalk formation with a need for increased wellbore radius. At a distal of 6,000 feet, in a horizontal section that was beyond the reach of coiled tubing, a 4 ½” Fishbones Liner with 56 Fishbones subs (224 laterals) was designed for the project. 

Installed in conjunction with a cemented liner, the Fishbones’ system was deployed on a work string starting at 16,820 feet.


The project achieved its goal of improving production beyond that of conventional stimulation and it was deemed that there is potential for unlocking a multi-well development. The 224 x 12 meter long Fishbones laterals were created in less than five hours.


The project is considered a success and a game changing approach for stimulating carbonate reservoirs, according to the operator.

Media contact

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