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SPE paper on technology development and installation on Valhall

27 May 2019

World's First Simultaneous Jetting of 72 Laterals with Solids Control - Technology Development and Field Trial (SPE-195620-MS)

Written together with Aker BP ASA, we are pleased to announce that our joint paper for the SPE on stimulation technology development and installation on Valhall was presented at the SPE Norway One Day Seminar in Bergen on 14th May 2019.

The paper presents the technology development program and installation of a modified stimulation system for carbonate formations requiring particle control.  The installation of the slotted needles jetting system in a pilot well on Valhall is the first of its kind globally.  Furthermore, the analysis of the production results is presented and shows that productivity of the pilot appears to fall within the trend of proppant fractured producers in the same field.

Several learnings and conclusions are presented as part of the research.  If you would like to read more, the full paper is available to download at

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