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Yasmin M. Søderbom Appointed Deputy Chair of Norsk Industri Offshore HSE Council: a testimony to Fishbones' Commitment to HSE

23 March 2023

PEOPLE BEHIND FISHBONES - Commentary by Eirik Renli, CEO Fishbones.

We are proud to announce that Yasmin M. Søderbom, Fishbones Sr. QHSE Coordinator, has been named the deputy chair of the Norsk Industri Offshore (The Federation of Norwegian Industries) HSE council: an industry consultation body that plays a vital role in shaping and developing regulations related to HSE in Norway. This appointment is a testament to Fishbones' commitment to Health, Safety, and Environment and its efforts to promote responsible and sustainable business practices.

HSE is a crucial aspect of Fishbones' operations. Our company places the safety and well-being of our employees and stakeholders as our top priority

We believe that responsible and sustainable business practices are essential to the long-term success of the company and the communities it serves. Fishbones has implemented a robust HSE management system that:

  • ensures compliance with regulations and industry standards;

  • identifies and mitigates risks;

  • continuously improves its HSE performance.



Collaboration, knowledge sharing, and impact: the main benefits of being part of the Norsk Industri HSE Council


Being part of the Norsk Industri HSE council provides us with a platform to have a voice in shaping industry regulations and standards. By collaborating with other key players in the industry, we can actively contribute to finding new solutions to challenges and promoting responsible and sustainable business practices. As a small business, the opportunity to be part of the Norsk Industri HSE Council is particularly valuable and is something we take pride in. It allows us to have a seat at the table and to ensure that our perspectives and experiences are heard and taken into consideration.


Collaborating with other industry players is important to us. We believe in learning from one another, ensuring that we're adhering to uniform procedures, and trying to make a difference in promoting Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) values in the industry. Being part of the Federation of Norwegian Industries HSE council also afford us the chance to interact with authorities, industry associations and trade unions, who provide us with invaluable knowledge and diverse perspectives.


Last but not least, with Yasmin as deputy chair of the Council, it grants us access to information in the early stages of new regulation development or revision. This is particularly advantageous, as it allows us to test these regulations first, providing relevant feedback and insights that can contribute to shaping the final outcome.



Yasmin's experience makes her a valuable asset to Fishbones and the Council


Yasmin's extensive experience as a QHSE advisor for bigger players in the industry (before joining our team, one year and half ago), combined with her passion for her job, makes her a valuable asset to Fishbones and to the Council, as well.


I love my job - for me it’s like you’re working as a daily change maker. You need to have your peers on board with you if you want to change some things or do something differently” said Yasmin, adding also “QHSE means conformity and stability for industrial, commercial, and service companies - it can be challenging for small companies to be compliant with these regulations, but being part of the council allows us to work together and find solutions.


And we're proud to have Yasmin leading the way in promoting these values.


Overall, we are pleased about this appointment and the opportunities it presents for us to contribute actively to finding solutions for new challenges in the industry and to work collaboratively with other organizations, companies, and authorities to promote responsible and sustainable business practices.

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