Stimulation is the key to getting the most from your oil and gas wells. Yet typical low-end efforts often don’t deliver the desired results. High-end fracking options risk uncontrolled stimulation, a high price tag and uncertain results.

To unlock the full value of your assets you need lateral thinking.

We've redefined accuracy and control in stimulation

Lowering risk, lowering cost and guaranteeing deep connectivity with your reservoir, exactly where you need it.


Committed to reducing carbon emissions within the industry, Fishbones is your green solution to your stimulation needs.

A lateral approach to stimulation



“The Fishbones technology can enable Aker BP to further increase recovery in the Valhall field by reducing stimulation time and cost, as well as enabling multi-lateral design.”


Ole-Johan Molvig, SVP Reservoir Development, Aker BP


Lower CO2 emmissions

Compared to hydraulic fracturing


Average increase in production


Installations globally to date


Needles installed


Deepest installation (TVD meters)
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