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Across the wider energy sector, stimulation is the key to getting the most from your assets. Yet typical low-end efforts often don’t deliver the desired results. High-end fracking options risk uncontrolled stimulation, a high price tag and uncertain results. To unlock the full value of your assets you need lateral thinking.

We've redefined accuracy and control in stimulation

A multi sector technology designed with the needs of Oil and Gas and Geothermal wells in mind​.


“The Fishbones technology can enable Aker BP to further increase recovery in the Valhall field by reducing stimulation time and cost, as well as enabling multi-lateral design.”


Ole-Johan Molvig, SVP Reservoir Development, Aker BP


Lower CO2 emmissions

Compared to hydraulic fracturing


Installations in five continents


Needles installed


Deepest installation (TVD meters)


horizontal section (well)
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